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Top Ten Pet Lists

Happy Labrador Retriever

Happy German Shepherd

Happy Chocolate Lab

Lasse - Movie Star

Saint Bernard

Most Popular Dog Breeds in the USA

Top 10 Gassiest
Dog Breeds

Top 10
Clumsiest Dogs

Top 10 Most
Famous Dogs

Top 20 breeds
That Slime


Pet Top 10 Lists - Fun


Pet Top 10 Lists - Vacation

The Most Pet Friendly Airlines
Top 10 Pet Friendly Bed and Breakfasts 
Top 10 Pet Friendly Hotels in the USA
Top Ten Pet Friendly Hotel Chains
Top 10 Pet Friendly Beaches
Top 10 Dog Friendly Hiking Trails in the United States
Top 10 Dog Parks
Top 10 Dog Friendly Vacation Spots
Top 5 Pet Friendly National Parks
Top 10 Pet Friendly Cities  
Top 100 Most Popular National Parks
Dog Rules and Regulations
Top 5 Dog Friendly Ski Resorts


World Records - Dogs and Cats

World's Oldest Cat - "Lucy" - 39 Years Old
World Record for Dog with the Longest Ears - Tigger
World's Oldest Dog of All Time - Max the Mixed Terrier - 29 years and 282 days
World's Smallest Dog - Boo Boo the Chihuahua

World's Smallest Cat - Mr. Peebles
World's Smartest Dog - Chaser, the Border Collie
World's Tallest Dog - Is it Titan or George? 
Surfing - World Champion Dog Surfer
Dog Surfing Hall of Fame - Buddy - First Dog to Enter the Dog Surfing Hall of Fame

SmallSantaPug.jpg (140170)

Saint Bernard Reindeer

Christmas Lab and Labrador Photos

Reindeer Dogs and Puppies

SmallDalmation.jpg (140170)

Canine Christmas

Saint Bernard
Christmas Photos

Christmas Photos

Dogs Converted
to Reindeer-Why?

More Christmas
Elves & Reindeer


Pet Top 10 Lists - Photos

Top Ten Halloween Photos
Christmas Photos
Thanksgiving Photos
Dogs on the Beach


Competition Results

2013 Westminister Winners
2012 Westminister Winners
2013 AKC National Agility Championship Winners
2012 AKC National Agility Championship Winners

Other Fun Dog Facts and Dog Lists

2013 Ugliest Dog Contest - Walle Wins the Title of 2013 World's Ugliest Dog Contest 
2012 Best Dog Surfer - World's Dog Surfing Competition
World's Largest Pet Parade - Haute Dog Howloween Parade
Beer for Dogs - Bowser Beer so you and your best friend share a beer together





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