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Top Ten Breeds that are great with Kids plus more

 Top Dog Breeds for Families  plus 10

Many breeds work well with children, but always remember: There are good dogs and bad dogs in every breed. It's important to know that individual dogs within breeds can demonstrate their own, unique personality traits. No matter what breed you choose, you shouldn't leave dogs and young children together unsupervised for the safety of both.
1. Golden retriever
2. Pembroke Welsh corgi
3. West Highland white terrier
4. Irish setter
5. Schnauzer
6. Labrador retriever
7. Poodle
8. Bichon frise
9. Airedale
10. Basset hound
11. Beagle
12. Shih tzu
13. Boxer
14. Cairn terrier
15. Collie
16. Boston terrier
17. Newfoundland
18. Pomeranian
19. Pug
20. Whippet



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