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World's Tallest Dog - Is it Titan or George or Zeus?

World's Largest Dog Zeus - Guinness Book World Record Holder  - Taller then George and Titan

The Guinness World Records 2013 book published Thursday recognizes Zeus of Otsego, Michigan as the world's Tallest Dog. The 3-year-old measures 44 inches from foot to shoulder, but only 155 pounds. Standing on his hind legs, Zeus stretches to 7-foot-4 and towers over his owner, Denise Doorlag. Zeus is just an inch taller than the previous record-holder, Giant George.

ZeusTallestDog.jpg (350250)


Old Record Holders Titan and George
Titan the Great Dane has something to really bark about he's just been named the World's Tallest Dog by the Guinness World Records, reports Sign On San Diego. At 42.25 inches tall, the 4-year-old dog from San Diego is deaf, epileptic and partly blind, Titan's proud owner Diana Taylor told Sign On San Diego. Taylor adopted her 190-pound Great Dane in 2005 from a rescue group in Tennessee. "It's not just wonderful for Titan," she told Sign On San Diego. "It's wonderful for all dogs."

WorldsLargestDogTitan.jpg (350250)

Is it George?

The owners of George told the Arizona Daily Star he's taller than Titan, the Great Dane named the tallest dog last week by Guinness World Records. According to the story, Dave Nasser said jokingly:
"George feels he needs vindication." Nasser and friends Paul O'Rourke and Dana Murray, who are campaigning to get George into the record book, are taking responsibility for not completing George's application in time to take down Titan.
In order to get the most accurate (and flattering) measurement possible, the team took longer to get a veterinarian to verify that George is 43 inches tall at the shoulder, rather than 42 inches flat or 42.625 inches, as previous measurements found. Titan, owned by Diana Taylor of San Diego, is 42.25 inches tall.

WorldsTallestDogGeorge.jpg (350250)

world-s_tallest_dog_George.jpg (350250) 


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