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Virginia Dog Friendly Parks

How to Treat Your Dog at the Park

Complete Listing of Dog Friendly Parks in Virginia including
Simpson Stadium Park, North Fort Ward Park and Nottoway Dog Park.  If you know of any additional dog friendly parks in Virginia, please email us at



     Simpson Stadium Park - Monroe Avenue

     Montgomery Park - Fairfax and 1st Streets

     Ben Brenman Park - Backlick Creek

     Founders Park - Oronoco Street and Union Street

     Windmill Hill Park -  Gibbon and Union Streets

     Hooff's Run - Oak and Chapman Streets

     Along Old Mill Run - Gordon St. 

     North Fort Ward Park - East of Park Road

     Chinquapin Park

     Utah Park - 3308 South Stafford St.
     Benjamin Benneker Park - 1600 Block North Sycamore
     Madison Community Center - 3829 North Stafford St.
     Glencarlyn Park - 301 South Harrison St.
     Towers Park. 801 South Scott St.

     Barcroft Park - 4100 South Four Mile Run Drive
     Shirlington Park - 2601 South Arlington Mill Drive

     South Run District Park - 9500 Fairfax County Parkway.


     Azales Park - Old Lynchburg Road. 

     Darden Towe - Off of Route 20.


     Chesapeake City Park - Greenbrier Parkway South.

     Western Branch Bark Park - 4437 Portsmouth Blvd.
Chesterfield/ Midlothian

     Ruff House -  Rockwood Park at Courthouse and Hull.


     Buckroe Beach - Off of Pembroke Ave.


     The Hanover Dog Park - Taylor Complex off Route 54.

     Chandon Park in Herndon - 900 Palmer Drive.

     Norfolk - Delaware Ave and Lewellen.


     Blake Lane Park - 10033 Blake Lane.


     Baron Cameron Park - Baron Cameron Ave and Wiehle Ave.

     Dogwood Dell - South Boulevard.


     Nottoway Dog Park - 9500 Courthouse Road 

     Vienna Dog Park Association - 700 Courthouse Rd.

Virginia Beach

     Red Wing Park - 1398 General Booth Blvd



trets are always available! Location: 143 Parks Road.

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