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Blue Mountian Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals

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Beautiful Getaway Cottage 4BR/4.5BA Great Location! Pet FriendlyCredit Cards AcceptedOnline Availability CalendarInternet Access Available

4 Bedrooms   4 Bathrooms   Sleeps 6-10

Blue Mountain Beach House 4BR/5BA-Close to Beach Surfside Six Pet FriendlyCredit Cards AcceptedOnline Availability Calendar

4 Bedrooms   4.5 Bathrooms   Sleeps 6-9

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About Blue Mountian
Blue Mountain Beach got its name from and old Indian legend. The Indians would see a blue haze from the blankets of the blue wildflower Lupine on the hills by the ocean. Thus, the Indians thought these hills/mountains would turn blue.
Today, Blue Mountain Beach has remained a virtually unspoiled area. Alligator Lake, Big Red Fish Lakes, and two other smaller dune lakes are located in this area. You can see lily pads and marsh amongst the windswept oak and pine trees, but probably no alligators or big red fish as the names imply. only has a couple of vacation rentals in the secluded area of Blue Mountain Beach.

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