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Black Hawk Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals

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Mountain Family Adventures & Casino Fun All in One Place!!! Pet FriendlyCredit Cards Accepted

1 Bedroom   2 Bathrooms   Sleeps 10-12

The Ultimate Cabin Experience! 1 Acre Property! Pet FriendlyOnline Availability CalendarInternet Access Available

2 Bedrooms   1 Bathroom   Sleeps 4

Mention Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals when you book your property. You'll help us get the word out, and you might save some money!

About Black Hawk
Black Hawk, Colorado is know as "The City of Mills" and is one of Colorado's oldest cities. It is one of a number of towns that grew up in "Gregory's Gulch," the narrow ravine where Georgia prospector John H. Gregory first discovered gold in 1859.

In 1991, this town was on the verge of becoming a ghost town, so Black Hawk brought limited stakes gambling to the town. Thus, transforming once run-down buildings into casinos, small businesses and restaurants. Types of gambling include: Slot machines in a variety of denominations up to $5.00, Black Jack tables and poker rooms.

For more information about Black Hawk, Colorado, go to: has a couple of pet friendly vacation rentals in Black Hawk, If you need a dog friendly hotel, PetVR is still looking.

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