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Home > Top 10 Dog Friendly Hiking Trails in the United States

Top 10 Dog Friendly Hiking Trails in the United States

Animal Planet's Top 10 Dog-friendly Hiking Trails

1: Grand Canyon National Park - Arizona
No list of hiking trails would be complete without the Grand Canyon National Park. The size of the Grand Canyon -- 277 miles long down the river, up to 18 miles wide and a mile deep -- is what attracts 5 million tourists to this majestic and historical park every year. Located in the northwest corner of Arizona, the grandeur of this historic site is indescribable.


Grand Canyon Hiking with your dog




2: Little Spar Lake Trail - Troy, Montana
In the Kootenai National Forest found in the Northwest corner of Montana, there's an 8-mile roundtrip hike to the Little Spar Lake. You will hike by cliffs and meadows up to higher elevations, past Spar Peak to the lake that sits in the basin of Scotchman Peak. On the journey you'll see towering cliffs, meadows and giant cedars. Dogs are allowed to swim in the lake, but it's not recommended because the water is extremely frigid throughout the year, according to park officials. In fact, the park is only open to visitors when the snow has cleared.

3: Monrovia Canyon Park - Monrovia, California
Hiking is a beautiful way to see all that nature has to offer, but sometimes you hike to get to what's at the end of the road. We've found a 30-foot example of this in Monrovia Canyon Park, Calif. Your family and leashed pup will enjoy trekking to the 30-foot Monrovia Falls, a waterfall found in the San Gabriel Mountains.
Top 10 places to go hiking with your dogHiking with your dog in the Colorado Mountains
4: Runyon Canyon Park - Los Angeles, California
A 160-acre city park near Hollywood and the Hollywood Hills in the Golden State, Runyon Canyon Park is a dog's and dog lover's dream. What makes Runyon Canyon Park so doggone great is that your canine can run free from his leash on certain trails (posted signs indicate which trails are off-leash and which ones are leashed). The park gets a lot of traffic from both two-legged and four-legged friends, so it's a great place to connect with fellow dog owners and even spot some celebrities.

5: Fairmount Park - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Fairmount Park is located in one of America's most historic cities, Philadelphia, and is one of the largest urban parks in America. It has more than 9,200 acres (3,723 hectares) for you and your beloved dog to enjoy and is the largest landscaped park in the country.

6: The Appalachian Trail - Southern and Eastern U.S.
Nothing beats hiking a trail that spans about 2,000 miles. It doesn't get bigger than the Appalachian Trail, which runs through 14 states from Georgia to Maine. It's a hiker's dream because it passes through several state and national parks, forests and public lands.

7: Red Rock Canyon - Las Vegas, Nevada
If you want to get a break from the slot machines, Elvis look-a-likes and 1,001 Motown revues, take the short 30-minute car ride from Sin City and head over to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. You'll find that the real stars are the plants and wild animals found along the hiking trails. Just steer clear of going during the hottest times of the year, or, if you can't, go in the morning or evening to avoid the desert sun.

8: Gatlinburg Trail - Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Your dog won't be able to hike with you in most of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which offers more than 800 miles of trails between North Carolina and Tennessee. But that's OK. Poopsi can still get a taste of the park's history and flavor because she is allowed to trot along the Gatlinburg Trail in Tennessee as long as she remains on a leash that's no longer than six feet. The Gatlinburg Trail is one of the few trails in this national park that allows dogs.

9: Inspiration Trail - Raleigh, North Carolina
If you are trying to introduce your dog to the sport of hiking, the best thing to do is to start with a shorter trail. That's why places like Inspiration Trail, located inside the 5,579-acre William B. Umstead State Park, are ideal for the two of you. The park, located in Raleigh, N.C., is divided into two sections: Crabtree Creek and Reedy Creek. Inspiration Trail is found in Reedy Creek.

10: Acadia National Park - Bar Harbor, Maine
If you want to see gorgeous fall foliage, head over to Acadia National Park in Maine. Your dog can hike with you on his leash on most of the park trails. He'll be even welcome in the campgrounds and picnic areas, so you'll you have the opportunity to break bread together.

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