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2010 AKC National Agility Championship


AKC National Agility Championship

Eleven new AKC® National Agility Champions were crowned  at the 2010 AKC National Agility Championship sponsored by LubriSyn CA and J&J Dog Supplies, held  in Tulsa, Okla. The American Kennel Club® event brought together nearly 1,000 dogs from across the country to compete for the titles of AKC National Agility Champion and AKC Preferred National Agility Champion. One dog and handler team was crowned in each jump height category in both the regular and preferred competitions.

The AKC National Agility Championship demonstrates the highest level of training and teamwork between dog and handler and is the culmination of thousands of trials held throughout the year. Dogs had to qualify at the highest levels of competition in order to compete.

"We are pleased to congratulate the 2010 National Agility Championship winners," said Andy Hartman, AKC Director of Agility. "Bringing this event back to Tulsa was a thrill and we enjoyed the hospitality of the city and its spectators who cheered on our competitors, creating a contagious enthusiasm that helped the dog and handler teams perform at the top of their game."

Agility events allow dogs to demonstrate their athleticism and versatility by racing against the clock and overcoming a challenging course of different obstacles. Success requires proper training, as it is a sport of physical skill, control, patience and – most importantly – teamwork between handler and dog.


2010 AKC National Agility Championship Winners
8" Regular - Johanna Ammentorp and Toy Fox Terrier Blink.
12" Regular - Marcy Mantell and Shetland Sheepdog Wave.
16" Regular - Angie Benacquisto and Rat Terrier Dylan, time 30.24.
20" Regular - Rosanne Demascio & BC Drifter, time 29.39
24" Regular - Jackie Bludworth & BC Pete, time 32.18
26" Regular - Daisy Peel and BC Solar, time 29.43

4" Preferred - Nancy Lewis & Poodle Frazzle, time 44.29
12" Preferred - Megan Magnant and BC Roxy , time 38.29
16" Preferred - Naci Berkoz & Australian Shepherd Rusty
20" Preferred - Elizabeth Armstrong & BC Rig, time 34.14



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