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The World's Smartest Dog - Chaser the Border Collie

Smartest Dog, Chaser the border collie

Chaser the border collie has the largest human vocabulary of any dog, recognizing the names of more than 1,000 objects. Chaser leaps ahead of the previous record holder, another border collie named Rico, who knew 200 human words. The dog's vocabulary nearly puts her on intellectual par with three-year-old human children.

chaser.jpg (350250)

Chaser's owner, John Pilley, has spent years training and testing the limits of her intelligence. The 82-year-old psychology professor used children's toys and other objects to teach Chaser nouns, and she's still learning new things.
Over the course of three years, Pilley spent four to five hours a day teaching Chaser about new objects and their names. Pilley jokes that he almost had to go to bed at 8 p.m. just to keep up with the Chaser's never-ending energy and attention to the training.
Border Collie
The Border Collie is a medium sized, energetic working dog. The body is slightly longer than it is tall. The relatively flat skull is moderate in width. The skull and muzzle are about the same length, with a moderate stop. The strong teeth meet in a scissors bite. The oval eyes are set well apart and brown in color, except in merles where one or more eyes may be blue. The medium sized ears are set well apart, either carried erect or simi erect. The front legs are straight when viewed from the front but slightly sloping when viewed from the side. The medium sized tail is set low reaching at least to the hock, raising somewhat when the dog is excited. Dewclaws are usually removed. The double coat is weather resistant, dense and close-fitting. There are two coat varieties: a short, sleek coat (about 1 inch long) and a coarse, rough coat (about 3 inches long). The coat colors come in black and white, tri-color, red & white, black & gray, yellow, yellow & white, sable, and all black. The longer haired variety should have a mane and tail brush. The hair on the face, ears and front legs is always short and sleek. Since Border Collies are bred for working ability and intelligence rather than for physical beauty, conformation varies widely.

Information for this article was obtain from ABC News and

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