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Worlds Oldest Dog - Lucy, the Yorkshire Terrier



Lucy - The World's Oldest Dog - Yorkshire Terrier
The oldest dog in the world lives in the Netherlands! Her name is Lucy a Yorkshire Terrier, with the respectable age of 22 years old. Lucy lives in a small town named Borne in the province of Overijssel. On average, the life expectancy of large dogs is around ten years and small dogs 14 years, although this may vary by breed. So Lucy is a very old dog!

Guinness World Records has officially named Lucy the oldest living dog in the world. The elderly dog and her owner Mrs Baker-Brusscher go out for a long walk every day and they enjoy it.

Bonnie maybe older
Bonny’s owners have had her for 25 years and got her when she was about three. That makes Bonny 28, or 196 in dog years.

Now Vic Aveyard, 66, and his wife Kath, 59, have got their pet’s case notes from the PDSA to establish her exact age. They hope to prove Bonny is the world’s oldest living dog – a record held by Lucy, 22, a Yorkie who lives in the Netherlands.

Kath, from Leeds, said: “We’ve had Bonny for 25 years and she is still going strong. Apart from a few lumps and bumps, Bonny is fine. She is very sprightly and still goes for two walks a day.”

A spokesman for the Guinness Book of World Records said: “If the couple who own this dog believe it is the oldest still alive, we would be happy to hear from them.”

World Record Oldest Dog
The oldest dog on record was Bluey, an Australian cattle dog, who lived to 29 years and five months before having to be put down in 1939.


Official Record for Oldest Dogs by Breed
Beagle - Butch 1975-2003 28 years
Labrador - Bramble - 1975-2003 27 years
Dachshund - Chanel - May 6, 1988 - August 28, 2009 21 years, 114 days

Unofficial Record
Australian Cattle Dog - Bluey - June 7, 1910 - November 14, 1939 29 years, 160 days
Labrador - Bella - 1979-2008 29 years
Terrier - Max - August 9, 1983-Living
Bernese Mountain Dog - 1984-Living
Shih Tzu - Smokey - 1986-Living


Life expectancy by breed

Accidents aside, life expectancy usually varies within a range. For example, a Beagle (average life expectancy 13.3 years) usually lives to around 12 - 15 years, and a Scottish Terrier (average life expectancy 12 years) usually lives to around 10 - 16 years.

A random-bred dog (also known as a mongrel) has an average life expectancy of 13.2 years in the USA and much of Europe.

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