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Home > Dog Friendly Beach at Pistol River State Park - Oregon

Dog Friendly Beach at Pistol River State Park - Oregon

Dog Friendly Pistol River State Park - Oregon

Pistol River State Park is set in the dunes of the southern Oregon coast. The river supposedly got its name when a militia soldier lost his pistol in the river during the infamous Rogue River Indian War. In March of 1856, a decisive battle was fought here.

DogFriendlyBeachPistolRiverStatePark.jpg (350◊250)

DogFriendlyBeachPistolRiverStatePark1.jpg (350◊250)

The dunes and the river system that feeds them are what make this area unique. During the spring and summer months, the dunes actually grow. The river has changed its course numerous times in recent history and pothole ponds attract waterfowl and shorebirds. This is an excellent birding spot. Ocean windsurfing is so good here national championships have been held three years in a row. The beaches and sea stacks are wonderful.

Oregon State Park Pet Rules:
Pets are welcome in state parks. To ensure that they remain so, we have park rules to protect your pet, you and others. Here are some of the basics:

All pets must be kept on a leash (maximum six feet long) when outside a vehicle, tent, or pet friendly
yurt or cabin. Your pet must be physically restrainedat all times, meaning you must be holding your pet,holding onto its collar, or be controlling its leash.You must clean up after your dog, and deposit wastes in the garbage.

       DogFriendlyBeachPistolRiverStatePark2.jpg (350◊250)DogFriendlyBeachPistolRiverStatePark3.jpg (350◊250)

You are responsible for your petís behavior, including barking and other noises.

Pets are not usually allowed inside park buildings. We make exceptions for service animals and pets invited to stay in designated pet friendly yurts and cabins.

Pets must be properly licensed and inoculated. An identification tag is a smart idea. If your pet becomes a stray animal, it may be removed from the park and transported to a local animal control shelter. Before taking your dog along on a hike, check with park staff to make sure domestic animals are allowed on the parkís trails.

The following parks have designated off-lead areas:
Cascadia State Park (14 miles east of Sweet Home)
Champoeg State Heritage Area (7 miles east of Newberg)
Elijah Bristow State Park (16 miles southeast of Eugene)
Farewell Bend State Park (1 mile north of I-84 exit 353)
Jasper State Recreation Site (12 miles southeast of Eugene)
LaPine State Park (27 miles southwest of Bend)
Lewis and Clark State Recreation Site (16 miles east of Portland)

Off-lead Areas
Your choice of parks where you can camp indoors with a pet (defined as a dog or a cat) is expanding. Beginning January 1, 2012, you will have 21 state parks to choose from.

Dogs and cats are now welcome in a yurt at South Beach State Park, a cabin at Stub Stewart State Park, and two cabins at LaPine State Park.

Pet Friendly Yurts and Cabins
McVay State Recreation Site (2 miles south of Brookings)
Milo McIver State Park (4 miles west of Estacada)
Molalla River State Park (2 miles north of Canby)
Rooster Rock State Park (I-84, 22 miles east of Portland)
Silver Falls State Park (26 miles east of Salem)
Stub Stewart State Park (31 miles west of Portland)
The Cove Palisades State Park (15 miles southwest of Madras)
Willamette Mission State Park (8 miles north of Salem) 


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