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Home > Dog Heroes - Dynamic Dogs That Make This World A Better Place

Dog Heroes - Dynamic Dogs That Make This World A Better Place

1dogSage.jpg (350×250)

       Sage - K-9 Disaster Hero and Cancer Survivor
K-9 Sage is 12 years old and has served her community and her nation heroically her entire life. Sage’s missions have included Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, searching for missing U.S. soldiers in Iraq, and numerous local missing-person searches. In 2009, Sage was diagnosed with two types of lung cancer, believed to be the result of searching several highly toxic sites. Her newest mission is inspiring cancer patients . Video and Story

Hero Dog Zurich and Patti

       Zurich - Canine Companions   Service Dog
Zurich was partnered with Patricia Kennedy in 2004. Patti has some challenges, but together they find ways to make things work. Zurich has learned to retrieve everything, even the neighbor’s TV remote control! Patti and Zurich’s experience together has extended and enriched both of their lives. Patti has been surviving now six years beyond the best medical opinions.  Video

Sadie - The Fire Detection Dog

  Sadie - National Certified Accelerant Detection K-9
Down near San Diego, Ricochet, a 3-year-old golden retriever is helping to teach disabled people how to surf. Some say she's kind of like a canine co-pilot. "She stabilizes the board," said Sabine Becker, who was born with no arms. "Somehow, she does it so we're not off balance. She is just standing there and just surfs with us."  Video

Harley125.jpg (175×125)

  Harley - Nancy's Hearing Dog
Harley became my hearing dog when I was 52 and had been severely hearing-impaired all my life. I had limped through school and my adult life, hearing very little of what was said around me. When Harley arrived, his sound work showed me how much I had missed all my life. He taught me that I’d never spent time just thinking — reflecting, contemplating — because I’d always been working so hard listening for sounds. Video

bionic-dog175.jpg (175×125)

Naki'o, the first bionic dog, 4 artificial feet
As a puppy, Naki’o and his mother were abandoned in the cellar of a foreclosed home. While drastically low temperatures and starvation took the mother’s life, the puppy, despite being frozen in a puddle of ice water, miraculously survived. This came, however, at a cost; he lost all four paws and the tip of his tail to frostbite. Photo's and Video

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