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Home > The Dog Friendly Beaches of Cape San Blas - Near Port St. Joe, FL

The Dog Friendly Beaches of Cape San Blas - Near Port St. Joe, FL

The Dog Friendly Beaches of Cape San Blas - Near Port St. Joe, Florida  

Cape San Blas is a narrow finger of sand dunes, palm trees and sea oats extending into the Gulf of Mexico at the southermost point of Gulf County, Florida. Less than a mile wide at it's widest point, and more than 15 miles in length, the Cape separates the waters of St. Joseph Bay from the Gulf, affording spectacular Gulf front and bay front homesites. Inhabited primarily by wildlife for hundreds of years, this pristine area became the home of St. Joseph State Park in 1967. Residential development began in the early 70's.
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CapeSanBlas.jpg (300×200)
Washed by the crystal waters of the Gulf of Mexico, the sand on Cape San Blas beaches is some of the whitest in the world, and has a much finer texture than the coarse sand found on the Atlantic seaboard. In fact, in 2002 Dr. Steve Leatherman (aka Dr. Beach), author of America's Best Beaches, awarded Cape San Blas as the best beach in the entire USA.

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Incredibly beautiful in it's own right, the bay side coastline is much different than its Gulf side counterpart. Pine trees and salt marshes, calm, shallow waters with swaying turtle grass, small islands, fishing docks, kayaks and fishing boats, all blend to create an atmosphere of total relaxation.
On all the beaches of Cape San Blas, pets on a leash are more than welcome to take their owners for walks and enjoy the calm water. Many vacation rental properties also offer "Pet Friendly" accommodations. You've made it to the beach at last! The sun is shining, the water is warm, and the sand is a brilliant white. This is the perfect spot to relax. Uh oh, Rover needs to go. No worries. There are over 20 Pet Waste Disposal Stations along the public beach access points. Join us in protecting the beaches and helping keep them clean for all. Help yourself, the bags are on us!
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Gulf County's Leash Law

The pet law in Gulf County states that pets on leashes are welcome on the beaches of Gulf County, except within the St. Joseph Peninsula State Park. Animals must remain on the leash at all times while on the beach, and owners must remove any remnants left behind by the animal, so carry baggies on all beach adventures. Also, respect children and adults around you who may not be familiar with your pet or pets in general.

Pet Stations
Gulf County has installed 20 pet waste disposal stations along our beach access points for the public's use. These stations make it convenient for dog owners by providing both the bag and the waste removal station for the dog. Thank you for helping keep our beaches clean and beautiful.



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